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A summary of the branch of the Central Air Conditioning Projects, Trade and Contracting Company Ltd.

The General Contracting Projects Company branch (for all types of central air conditioning) is one of the most important pioneering companies in the field of air conditioning at the level of the western region, as we install, operate and maintain central air conditioning and ventilation systems of all kinds through a specialized team of engineers and technicians qualified experts in this field and because we Distinguished in our field, we have become one of the most important companies qualified to supply and install central air conditioning in the branches of the Ministry of Justice in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and one of the largest contracting companies in the education sector.

The General Contracting Projects Corporation was established in 1423 AH and then grew and transformed into a company in 1435 AH and the aim of its establishment is to provide services The distinguished clients in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration and contracting of all kinds who have given them their confidence, which give them their attention and concern for their interests and appointments, as our institution witnesses it working efficiently and professionally to reach the highest possible level and we will always be ready to receive the feedback of all customers in order to improve our service to satisfy and meet the desires and requirements of customers .

مكة المكرمة - حي الرصيفة - الطريق الدائري الثالث - جانب برج السلوى
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